Social Media 101 Guide for your Business

Find out the simple ways you can start to use social media effectively in your business. If you are not using social websites in your business strategy today, you may be missing out on low-hanging opportunities to grow your business. You are invited to an exclusive virtual seminar where you will learn how to leverage social media to support your business goals.

According to Finances Online, in 2020, 4.14 billion people worldwide were using social media. The average user is 18- to 34-years old, spends an average of 2 hours and 41 minutes daily on an over 8 different social network profiles. Businesses of all sizes should take advantage of this widespread communication method, considering their goals.

  • Engage with your customers and develop your brand
  • Share valuable information and become a thought leader in your industry
  • Demonstrate your company culture to attract and retain talent
  • Connect with potential new clients based on interests, geographic location, and desire for your services

What does this webinar cover?

• Description of the most used social media platforms
• Determining which platform is most effective
• Defining your audience
• Organic content vs paid advertising
• How to increase your company’s social media following
• Tools and resources for ongoing support

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Social Media 101 Seminar for Businesses
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