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Our Community

Ever wonder why you feel so welcome at Main Street Bank or why you see our name listed as a sponsor of so many community events – or recognize your personal banker or loan officer volunteering side-by-side in the communities we so proudly support? The answer is simple: we’re committed to making our communities thrive.

Giving Back to Move Forward

Recognizing that improving economic vitality and quality of life is in the best interest of our customers, our employees, and our company, we are committed to sharing our time, talents, and philanthropic resources to keep our communities healthy and vibrant.

At Main Street Bank and through our Charitable Foundation, we’re focused on driving and measuring our impact. We are making a positive impact through not only financial contributions but employee-driven volunteerism. It takes more than money. It takes people. An approach which might be a little different, sure. But we take our responsibility of what being a good neighbor means seriously.

Rather than serving shareholders, we have the freedom to wholeheartedly serve our community, reinvesting profits into everything we love about where we live and work. Main Street Bank has been supporting the communities where we live and work for over 160 years.

Main Street Bank’s giving guidelines are:

  • We support organizations and programs that improve the lives of community members within our geographic footprint (communities in which we all live, work and play in)
  • We support organizations that demonstrate leadership, evidence of impact, financial soundness and the capacity to implement initiatives and evaluate their success
  • When possible, we support organizations that have a relationship with the bank (customer, center of influence, referral source, or employee-related)
  • When possible, we support organizations that serve low-income demographics within our market area, as part of our community reinvestment obligation
  • We support organizations that serve the academic development of youth groups and schools in our market area

While we would love to contribute to all worthy causes, there are some instances where we limit our giving:

  • We will not donate to organizations that raise funds to benefit an individual person rather than a group (i.e. scholarships that go to one student, “go-fund-me” for a specific individual, etc.)
  • We will not donate to organizations requesting funds for travel expenses (i.e. sports tournaments, robotics competitions, etc.)
  • We will not donate to organizations that are outside of our market area or do not have a local chapter within our market area
  • We will not donate to causes that use 30% or more of the funds to go towards administrative costs, rather than supporting those in need
  • We will not donate to causes that directly or indirectly go towards governmental organizations

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