Main Street Business Basic CheckingMain Street Business Premium CheckingMain Street Business Interest CheckingMain Street Corporate Analysis Checking
Minimum daily balanceNone$10,000 to avoid fees NoneNone; must be on analysis
Interest earningNoNoYesNo
Per check paid fee None under 150 items*$0.15 per check paid if balance below $10,000 $0.20 per check paid$0.15 per check paid
Per check deposited feeNone$0.09 per deposited item if balance below $10,000 $0.09 per deposited item$0.09 per deposited item
Per deposit feeNone under 150 items*$0.60 if balance below $10,000$0.50$0.60
Per ACH credit/debit feeNone$0.10 if balance below $10,000$0.10$0.10
Monthly feeNone if enrolled in e-Statements; $10.00 if not enrolled in e-Statements$10.00 if balance below $10,000 $8.00$10.00
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*150 items are a combination of checks paid from and deposits made into a Business Basic Checking account.

See our Business Summary of Fees.

Are you using the right business checking account?

At Main Street Bank, your business size, industry, and transaction history factor into the optimal account with the best value. Our business solutions experts can advise you on the right checking account that will allow you to run your business finances with ease.

Combined with innovative cash management solutions, our business checking accounts give you access to your funds and the safety and security of a bank that is 100% insured.

Review and compare our business checking accounts below. To open a new business checking account, visit one of our Branch Locations, email [email protected], or call 508-481-8300.