Home Equity Line of Credit

APR* Term Current Rate Minimum Line
Wall Street Journal Prime – 0.50% 240 mos 8.00% (variable) $10,000

*APR= Annual percentage rate. Adjustable rate based on Wall Street Journal Prime (8.50%) minus 0.5%, currently at 8.00%. Minimum line amount is $10,000, maximum line is $300,000. Equity Lines of Credit has a floor rate of 4.00%, maximum rate of 18%. HELOC’s are variable rates subject to increase after consummation, adjusting monthly to the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate minus 0.5%. Maximum LTV is 80%. An early termination fee of $500 applies when a home equity line of credit closes within 3 years or property is sold within 1st year of account opening.

Equity Loan

Rate APR* Points Term Monthly Cost per $1,000
7.500% 7.969% 0 60 mos $20.04
7.500% 7.830% 0 120 mos $11.87
7.500% 7.682% 0 180 mos $9.27
7.750% 7.946% 0 240 mos $8.21

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APR based on loan amount of $50,000.00. Not available for home currently for sale or intended to be sold within 6 months of closing. Minimum loan amount is $10,000, maximum loan amount is $300,000. Rates reflect a 0.25% discount for automatic payments out of a Main Street Bank account. If you choose not to have automatic payments; the rate will increase by 0.25%. This product is not available if the equity loan would be a mortgage in 1st lien position. Please contact us for other options.

Auto Loans

Model Year APR* Maximum Term/Maximum Loan to Value Monthly Cost per $1,000
2021-2024 6.49% 72 months / 100% $16.81
2020 6.75% 48 months / 100% $23.83
2019 7.75% 48 months / 100% $24.30
2018 8.25% 36 months / 100% $31.45
2017 8.50% 36 months / 100% $31.57
2013-2016 9.74% 36 months / 100% $32.15

*APR = annual percentage rate. Rates reflect 0.50% discount for Automatic Payment from a Main Street Bank checking account. The actual APR available to you will be based on your credit history and payment method. Loan to Value (LTV) may vary based on credit score. Other rates, terms, and conditions may apply. All auto loans are subject to a $30 Vendors Single Interest insurance fee. The VSI fee insures the vehicle against physical damage in the event that insurance coverage is cancelled or lapses. VSI fee is added to the amount of the loan.

Overdraft Personal Line of Credit

Line Amount Rate/APR* Term
$750 – $5,000 Wall Street Journal Prime + 8.50% (variable) Custom

*APR = annual percentage rate. Wall Street Journal Prime (8.50%) plus 8.50%. currently at 17.00%. Overdraft Lines of Credit have a minimum rate of 8.50%, maximum rate of 18.00%, and are variable rates subject to increase after consummation. Minimum payment of 3.00% of month end balance or $25.00, whichever is greater.

Credit Builder/CD Loans

Loan Amount APR* Maximum Loan to Value**
$500.00 and Above 3.00% above instrument 95%

*APR = annual percentage rate. Minimum loan amount = $500.00

**Maximum loan to value = 95% of the Certificate of Deposit account. Rate of collateral loans is subject to change based on a change in the interest rate and maturity of Certificate of Deposit account. Custom terms are available. Please contact a Personal Banker at 508-481-8300.

Unsecured Loans

Loan Amount APR* Term Monthly Cost per $1,000
$2,500 to $10,000 13.750% 36 mos $34.05

*APR = annual percentage rate. Loan requires borrower to have a deposit account held at Main Street Bank.

Mass Save HEAT Loans

Loan Amount APR* Term Monthly Cost per $1,000**
$2,500 to $25,000 0.00% 36 – 84 mos $11.90
$25,001 to $50,000 0.00% 36 – 84 mos $11.90

*APR = annual percentage rate. Owner occupied. See Personal Banker for more options. If over $25,000, becomes a secured second lien on the property.

**Monthly cost per thousand based upon an 84-month term.

Effective date: May 22nd, 2024
Terms and Conditions (applicable to real estate loans and lines of credit) Loan to Value determined using lower of real estate tax bill value or Fair Market Value (FMV). Based upon collateral assessment, a full appraisal at borrower cost may be required to proceed. Property insurance required. Not available for homes currently for sale or intended to be sold within 6 months of closing. Loan to values decreased for Condo’s and if existing first lien is greater than $484,350. Fees for opening the line of credit account range from $0 to $600, and fees for fixed rate equity loans range from $569.05- $1169.05. Call for details. ALL RATES AND TERMS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE ADDITIONAL TERMS, CONDITIONS, AND FEES MAY APPLY. PLEASE INQUIRE.