Today, technology has made banking services available anywhere, anytime – and newer technologies introduce even more conveniences that people are demanding and expect. As a result, “digital banks” have emerged, and big banks have turned technology into a competitive advantage.

However, as technology permeates the industry, banking has become less personal – it has become more about transactions than interactions.

We recognized this dynamic and have created a bank that not only provides the conveniences that people demand, but the services and support that people need – Main Street Bank. As a mutual bank that has been in our communities for generations, we do all we can to support one another in a quest for a greater quality of life. Committed to making our communities stronger, we provide a full range of innovative products and services that meet the needs of individuals, families and businesses; the personal attention to guide smart decisions; and support for the organizations that share our commitment to helping others.

We do this because, like those we serve, we believe… Our lives are richer when we support one another.

This is the guiding principle of how we do business; the moral of our story. This is something that not only our employees believe in, but that our customers agree with. Even our name, Main Street Bank, speaks to our dedication and support to our communities, our history, and one another.

At Main Street Bank, we do things differently, perhaps because we’re a mutual bank that answers directly to our customers. We believe in working together, so we can do more. It’s the not usual way of banking, but that’s just fine by us.

Main Street Bank. Just north of your ordinary banking experience.