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Partner your business with Main Street Bank through our Workplace Banking Program and get access to financial services designed to elevate your employees’ banking experience.

Your employees deserve confidence in their finances. According to a survey conducted by SoFi, employees spend nearly 14 hours per week stressing about finances, and over half of that time is during their working hours. One-third of employees surveyed said personal financial stress impacts their ability to focus on their jobs, and one-quarter responded that financial stress makes them less motivated to pursue professional goals and growth. Introduce them to Workplace Banking to improve their finances, reduce related stress, and improve your employees’ productivity.

Our Workplace Banking program offers exclusive banking benefits and enriches your employees' financial knowledge.

Strengthen Employee Finances and Loyalty

The Main Street Bank Workplace Banking Program is designed to provide financial resources to local businesses and their employees. Your employees deserve to confidently take advantage of their company benefits and manage their finances. The Workplace Banking Program comes at no cost to your business. Your employees can access free benefits, including financial incentives, workshop sessions, and financial management tools and resources. We are proud to give back to our community by offering this resource to local businesses and their employees.

Program Benefits


$100 Credit*

For each employee who opens a new checking account at Main Street Bank with direct deposit.

Financial Education Workshops

Customized sessions at your workplace to promote financial well-being and smarter money management. Tailored workshop topics based on employee interest and feedback through customized surveys created and maintained by Main Street Bank (Marketing). Offering co-branded communications and marketing materials to promote these workshops.

Valuable Resources

Access to personal financial management tools and resources, accessible from a unique cobranded site.

Boost Employee Satisfaction & Productivity

By providing these tools and knowledge, we aim to enhance overall employee satisfaction and productivity in your business.

A Unique Partnered Site

Customized for your employees.

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Led by Main Street Bank Marketing

Facilitate on-site financial education workshops

Workshops to Help Your Employees Succeed

Workshops including, but not limited to:

Budgeting 101

Budgeting 101

Discuss the basic elements of a budget and how to set up a budget that works for you.
Identifying Fraud and Common Scams

Identifying Fraud and Common Scams

Using real-life examples, share the common types of fraud and scam scenarios that we encounter at the bank, red flags to look for, and what to do if/when you feel you’ve been a victim.
Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection

Discuss the types of identity theft that occur, best practices to protect your information, and steps to take if you are a victim of identity theft.
Introduction to Credit / Managing Your Credit Report

Introduction to Credit / Managing Your Credit Report

Share the basics of what goes into a credit score and report and ways to help maintain a good credit score or improve your score.
Savings / Retirement Planning

Savings / Retirement Planning

Overview of the benefits of a well-rounded savings plan, taking advantage of employer 401K and retirement benefits, and a demonstration of how saving over time can have a significant impact on returns.
Elder Abuse and Exploitation Protection

Elder Abuse and Exploitation Protection

Information and strategies on how to recognize, prevent, and report financial exploitation on the elderly and/or those in vulnerable situations.

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