From a checking account to a mortgage to planning retirement, there are as many phases of banking as there are in your lifetime! Don’t let it overwhelm you – that’s why we’re here. We can sort the short-term goals from the long-term planning out for you. In the meantime, if you’re looking for some background banking info, you’ve come to the right place! Our resource library has articles on all kinds of accounts and loans.

25 Easy Ways to Help the Planet — and Your Budget

Conserving energy. Reducing landfills and pollution. Protecting the environment.  Chances are, you already know the impact that recycling can have on sustaining our planet. What you may not know, however, is the impact recycling can have in your home – and in your budget. Here are 25 easy ways you can reuse and recycle to … read more »

Trim Your Monthly Expenses

It comes as no surprise that spring is a great time to get in shape. But do you realize there’s an easy way to get in great shape without having to put on workout clothes or sneakers — or even breaking a sweat? It’s called getting into financial shape. And you can accomplish that fairly … read more »

Tips for Choosing a Financial Caregiver

In recognition of May as Older Americans Month According to the National Council on Aging, almost 90 percent of the financial abuse committed against older Americans is done by someone they know. More than ever, it is imperative for seniors to select a trustworthy person to properly manage their finances and personal affairs. “Fraudsters often … read more »

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Spending Plan Beats Budgeting

Have you ever developed a gut-wrenching fear in the pit of your belly or a feeling of despair when you thought about creating a household budget? Consider thinking about it as a “spending plan”. A budget is simply the framework for planning how to spend and save your money. Follow these simple steps to create … read more »

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Smart Home Equity Borrowing

If you own a home and have thought about borrowing to make home improvements, chances are you’ve heard about home equity borrowing. This popular and flexible borrowing solution, which lets you tap your home’s equity, can be an attractive way to finance not only home improvements, but also other major life expenses. You can even … read more »

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The Home Mortgage Appraisal: How Consumers Can Benefit

FDIC Consumer Information – A home appraisal is often required as an essential component of the mortgage financing process. Because the consumer pays the cost of the appraisal when applying for a mortgage to buy or refinance a home, it’s worth learning more about what the consumer is getting for the money, and why lenders … read more »

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“Link-in” the Job You Want

How to leverage the power of the most powerful professional network: It may not be as fun as sharing silly memes on Facebook. Or posting pictures of your last vacation on Instagram. But, when it comes to helping you find a job, it’s one of the most useful social networking sites available today. It’s LinkedIn, … read more »

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Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

For many people, having debilitating fears and anxiety is a part of life. Some are plagued by a fear of heights or closed-in places. Others fear snakes, reptiles, or spiders. Many share a fear that can be even more daunting than the thought of death — the fear of public speaking. Chances are if you … read more »

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How to Protect Your Money and Accounts Online

Being able to bank or shop online is a great convenience, but you want to be sure you’re protecting yourself before you hit “submit.” If the wrong people access your accounts, you might find yourself with a lot less money than you thought — and a lot of work to set things right. Here are six steps … read more »

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