Conserving energy. Reducing landfills and pollution. Protecting the environment.  Chances are, you already know the impact that recycling can have on sustaining our planet. What you may not know, however, is the impact recycling can have in your home – and in your budget. Here are 25 easy ways you can reuse and recycle to save money and the environment:

1. Buy items that can be easily recycled. This includes canned and glass items.
2. Buy products made from recyclable materials. Just look for the recycling symbol.
3. Use cloth bags every time you shop at the grocery store.
4. Recycle electronic items, such as your old cellphone or computer.
5. Print and write on both sides of paper.
6. Recycle ink and toner cartridges.
7. Buy rechargeable batteries.
8. Purchase a water bottle and refill it versus buying bottled water.
9. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.
10. Use dishcloths instead of paper towels.
11. Use washable dishes versus paper plates.
12. Recycle newspapers or use them for other purposes, such as wrapping presents or packing fragile items.
13. Read the news online.
14. Donate unused appliances and clothes.
15. Sign up to receive your bank statements and account notices electronically.
16. Pay and receive bills electronically.
17. Start your own garden.
18. Opt out of junk mail, such as credit card solicitations.
19. Cancel subscriptions for publications you don’t read.
20. Set aside a recycling bin in your kitchen.
21. Buy used clothing and furniture.
22. Repurpose old furniture or use the materials, such as wood and cloth to make other items.
23. Buy CFL lightbulbs.
24. Reuse glass jars for storage.
25. Shop at thrift stores.

Another bigger thing homeowners can do to preserve the environment – and the dollars in their wallets – is make energy efficient home improvements to their house. Replacing windows, updating heating and central air systems, or improving home insulation are a few ideas. With a Mass Save energy audit, home owners may even qualify for a 0% interest Mass Save Heat Loan!

Ready…set…recycle more at home today. It’s easy!