The Small Business Administration made certain information around PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loans available to the public. As a result, some of our customers who obtained a PPP loan are receiving emails and other communications from third party companies offering loan products and other services. Main Street Bank is not affiliated with these companies, and we suggest that our customers approach messages of this nature with caution.

Main Street Bank has not disclosed any of our customers’ loan and business information, but rather this information is public record as released by the SBA. Much like home mortgage information is publicly accessible, the SBA published data related to recipients of PPP loans. The SBA announced what information would be made available in a press release in 2020.

What PPP Loan Information is PublicHands of unrecognizable businessman typing on laptop keyboard in office, closeup with copy space, panorama

This information was released by the SBA and includes, but is not limited to:

  1. The amount of the loan received.
  2. The date that the loan was funded.
  3. The loan recipient’s business name.
  4. The loan recipient’s business address.
  5. The name of the lending institution.

What This Means for PPP Borrowers

Because of the public nature of this data, both legitimate businesses and less reputable organizations can access this information. Main Street Bank is unaffiliated with these third-party companies, and we strongly suggest that our customers do not click any links within emails containing information related to their PPP loans or from unfamiliar sources. Main Street Bank cannot guarantee the validity of any offers or emails that may be marketed to recipients of PPP loans.

If you receive a financial offer that you wish to pursue, we strongly encourage you to do background research on the organization. Main Street Bank customers may forward any email or letter to us at or call us directly for guidance. Main Street Bank is committed to the success and financial health of your business.