Maria Nephew - AVP Littleton Branch Manager
Maria L. Nephew
AVP Virtual Banking Manager – Main Street Bank

Main Street Bank announces its newest video banking service: Main Street Video Connect. This service, available on the bank’s website and on mobile devices, allows users to meet face-to-face with a banker, separated only by their screens. Consumers can use Video Connect for a large variety of banking tasks, such as opening accounts, checking balances, initiating wires, asking questions, and much more.  Main Street Bank is among the first financial institutions in the local market area to offer live video banking to the public. The decision to offer this technology is fueled by the high demand for digital convenience paired with the value of personal and secure interaction.

Following a dramatic shift in how consumers interact with businesses, it is critical to offer people the means to access customer support while prioritizing their safety and convenience. Main Street Bank customer, Neil, found great value in using this revolutionary service. “I think all of us have had some difficulty with life in the time of COVID and setting up a new bank account is no exception,” says Neil. “Things are more difficult to do in person these days, and to be able to talk with a person, see them […] on your online banking platform, whether nascent or not — it was actually quite possibly the best banking experience I’ve ever had.”

The Video Connect “Virtual Branch” is managed by Maria L. Nephew, a seasoned banking professional who has worked in the banking industry for 34 years. Maria is confidently spearheading this unique initiative and enjoying the evolution of her role in this space. “Main Street Video Connect is an additional access point to the bank for our customers. The platform allows customers to have a secure, face-to-face interaction with their banker, without the constraints of a physical location. It is a banking channel whose time has come!”

Neil spoke on how easy and accessible the service was to use. “Maria made it very straightforward. As far as an online experience, it wasn’t overly complicated. I didn’t feel like I was being unduly tasked with navigation options or anything like that.”

Video Connect can be accessed through a mobile app and the bank’s official website.

Fraud – and money people have lost as a result – has been growing exponentially throughout the past years. It is more important than ever to take all measures to safeguard any financial and personal information. Video banking services like Video Connect can be used to accurately identify users and verify information. This provides greater convenience for consumers while maintaining a highly secure environment. Neil felt comfortable using video banking with a direct connection to his banker. “I think most of us would agree that security problems are on the rise and that sort of peace of mind is invaluable.”

Main Street Bank is confident that this incredible tool will cater to all kinds of consumers to best suit their banking styles. Ultimately, Neil was incredibly satisfied with his video banking experience. “I would recommend it to friends and family […] it really was a very, very positive experience.”

To use Main Street Bank’s Video Connect video banking service, visit