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If you’re operating a cannabis-related business, then you need a bank that will support you. The laws in the cannabis industry are both complicated and vastly different from any other industry. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate it all by yourself. With the support of our specialized team, your business can adapt and grow while staying compliant. We make it easy for you to keep up with changing legislation and restrictions. Navigating this industry is simple when you can rely on our team to support you.

Your Dedicated Team

Main Street Cannabanking is a dedicated team experience that caters specifically to local Cannabis Related Businesses. Come work with industry specialists Jennifer Berube, SVP of Cash Management, and Renee Jaworek, VP BSA Officer. Together, your Cannabanking team is A-rated, available to answer your questions and tackle your challenges.

Access Advanced Technology

At Main Street Bank, we embrace technology that makes your life easier. As a Cannabanking customer, you will have access to advanced industry software to simplify the management of your businesses. Start planning your next project, because you’re about to have some free time: Automated workflows mean you can say goodbye to painstakingly inputting data or sorting out cashflow logistics manually. Business customers working with our Cannabanking department also benefit from our relationship with preferred vendors.

-Compliance for your business is a breeze with Green Check Verified. This service automates the most time-consuming aspects of cannabis banking, such as documentation upkeep, so that you can focus on building your business instead of just maintaining it.

-Cash management is made easy with Empyreal Logistics. Empyreal’s barcode technology improves the accuracy of your inventory data and reduces time spent managing inventory. This service helps you handle cash logistics such as restocking ATMS and integrating POS systems. Take out the guesswork and choose something that just works.

The Bank for You

We know what you need the most when you are shopping for a bank: easy to use technology, competitive rates, and a team that cares. If you value these three things, then we are surely the bank for you. Come bring your business to Main Street Bank and work with a team that delivers on our promises. We are here to support your Cannabis Related Business and carry you to success.

Lucrative Referral Program

Do you know someone who could benefit from a better banking relationship? Refer new clients to work with Main Street Bank and get a $500 deduction in monthly account fees for one month for each approved new business referral to Main Street Bank!

Recent Pricing Amendment

And due to a recent pricing amendment, right now is the perfect time to sign up. We are primed for new customers to join our Cannabanking program. We recognize the fierce competition for your business, and we’re here to win it. Come schedule a free consultation and learn why Main Street Bank is the bank for you.

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