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Accessing funds is a critical component of operating any kind of business, and yet cannabis-related businesses disproportionately struggle to get their lending needs met. We are excited to bring cannabis lending to our customers as a part of our Main Street Cannabanking program. Our cannabis lending program is specifically designed for cannabis-related businesses and their owners. A strong support team of bankers is ready and standing by to help your business succeed.

Quality is Our Top Priority

We believe that cannabis lending should be accessible, and that your lending relationship should be effective at meeting your needs. We highly prioritize personalized service, where you work closely with a cannabis lending team that knows your name and values your business. Our goal is to make lending resources available to the businesses that need them. Our Cannabankers are here to answer your questions and solve your problems. Every situation is unique, so your banking relationship should be unique as well. This is more than a business transaction – it is a blossoming banking relationship.

Main Street Cannabis Lending Program

Generous Customer Referral Program

If you are already a cannabanking customer with us, you can refer a friend to our cannabanking department to receive credit towards your own banking relationship. Refer new clients to work with Main Street Bank and get a $500 deduction in monthly account fees for one month for each approved new business referral to Main Street Bank.*

*All new business referrals are subject to Main Street Bank’s account standards and procedures prior to a new banking relationship being established. Referred clients must meet all standards and approval of Main Street Bank before the existing customer qualifies for a $500 deduction in one month of account fees. New business referrals must maintain the new account for a minimum of 90 days before the existing customer qualifies for a $500 deduction in one month of account fees. Existing customers can refer multiple new businesses to qualifies for additional $500 deductions in account fees. Credits above $500 will be applied to the following month, and credits will not exceed $500 per month.

Direct-to-Entity Cannabis Lending.

We make cannabis lending straightforward by lending directly to your business. No setting up LLCs or jumping through hoops. This simplifies the process for everyone and helps us focus on what matters: helping you and your business to access the funds that you will use to succeed.

Reasonable Fee Structure

In addition to our dedication to personalized service, we are making sure that cannabis resources are affordable for your business. Our commitment is to an open and honest business relationship, with no hidden fees or surprises. While the total fee cost for each individual relationship will differ, you are guaranteed to be presented with the complete breakdown of all fees before the closing of your loan. And our fees are highly competitive because we truly want your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact a dedicated Main Street Cannabanker for more information.

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