RE: HELP Main Street Bank answered our call for Help! I have owned a local medical billing business (MD Pro Solutions, Inc.) for 20 Yrs. Our office is located at 54 Main Street, in Lakeville Massachusetts. We employ 35 staff and have a large monthly payroll. We offer full benefits including 100% paid life, short-term, long-term disability and a retirement plan. We applied for the SBA, PPP Loan Program through Santander Bank, N.A. The first day of eligibility on Saturday, April 4 at 3:58AM we submitted our application with all appropriate documents. We were told, and we have proof that we were one of the first companies that filed their application into Santander Bank. We were also told we were in very good shape. We were again told by Santander they would go by order in which applications were received. So, you would assume we were all set. Not so fast!! Our business is down 85% in volume, yet we have kept all staff employed and maintained their full benefits. I received received an email on April 16-2020 at 10:57PM from Santander, that stated they were out of funds for the SBA PPP Loan Program! Out of FUNDS!! Santander bank did not follow the policy as they stated and put forth, otherwise we would have received our PPP Loan. In fact, they mishandled our application and never submitted our paperwork!! This would have all but put us out of business. Then came Main Street Bank to the rescue! What Santander Bank couldn’t deliver and totally mislead us took the professional staff at Main Street Bank less than a day. They took our full application, all our supporting documentation, and filed our loan application to the SBA. Amazingly we had our money in less than 10 days. A small local company doing business in Massachusetts for 20 years could have been put out of business because a large bank didn’t do their Job! Again, thanks to Main Street Bank and their professionalism we will survive this terrible time. Sincerely, Gregory K., MD Pro Solutions, INC

Gregory K.