These truly are unprecedented times. I have a preexisting condition and was wondering how I could deposit a check. I’m really not one to use mobile apps all that much but I found out that you could deposit a check using your mobile app.

I installed the app and it really was amazing. The first try was denied because of a bad image I took of the back side of the check. I received the an email and was told to try again. I took a better picture and within 5 minutes the check was approved and deposited into my account. Amazing.

One of the easiest apps I have ever used. Bravo to the developers. The response time was amazing. This allowed me to stay safe and I appreciate that very much.

I have been with Main Street Bank since the early “NMSB” days. I believe in using local businesses whenever possible. And your service over the years has been stellar. Not only does it help smaller local banks, but it’s such a huge plus for the consumer. It’s a pleasure to deal with a community bank that truly cares about its customers. Its’ a win, win. I have had some issues in the past and whenever I call I am taken care of with courtesy and professionalism.

A special thank you to the Littleton, MA, branch. Whenever I have been in need of help they have always been there. It’s a pleasure to deal with a bank that knows its customers rather than a national bank where you are a number.

Thank you again. Please pass this on to all concerned so they know they are appreciated.

Please stay safe and have a wonderful day.

James M.