Learn what cyber criminals don’t want you to know and protect your business from $1,000’s in losses.

The importance of Cyber Security in today’s business climate is more important with each passing day. Protection of data and systems is vital to any business continuity plan. Preparation and educational events like MSB will help you better prepare for the everchanging cyber pandemic.

— Brian B., New England Appliance Group

If you aren’t thinking about how to protect your business from cyber attacks, you should be. You can still get exclusive access to recordings of the latest information sessions on cyber security for businesses.

Cloud Computer & Cyber Liability Insurance

Cloud Computing and Cyber Liability Insurance

Build upon your existing knowledge and learn more in-depth protection practices and services. This session is geared towards larger-sized businesses, and those looking to expand their understanding of the cybercrime landscape. This session will cover:

  • Current data on the financial impact of cybercrime
  • Cloud computing and how to secure cloud-based data
  • Cyber liability insurance considerations
  • Actionable takeaways that you can implement in your business

Cyber Security & Fraud Prevention

Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention

Learn the basics of cyber security and the foundation of a good protection plan. This session is ideal for small to mid-size business owners and account managers, or anyone looking to refresh their knowledge on cyber security. This session will cover:

    • Current trends in cybercrime
    • Wire fraud
    • Phishing scams
    • Employee training to identify red flags
    • Network security best practices
    • Actionable takeaways that you can implement in your business

[A]s a business owner I found the information provided to be very helpful. Main Street Bank does a great job providing a highly qualified panel of experts and covers a wide range of information regarding practical techniques and applications to protect your business. I would strongly suggest that attending this event is well worth your time.

— Joseph Q., Quality Medical Evaluations, Inc.

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