10 Habits of Successful People

How do you define success? Some will say it’s having the love of a good family. Others will say it’s making money. And still others might say it’s following your passion in life. The truth is, you could ask 100 different people and get 100 different answers. You can, however, find common qualities that successful … read more »

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School Success Starts at Home

10 ways to help your child succeed at school When we think of children learning, we picture school buses and brick buildings. But the fact is, learning success doesn’t start with a bus ride or a classroom at school; it starts at home. Research has shown that the most successful students are those whose families … read more »

12 Ways to Lower Your Health Care Expenses

You may have heard it said “you can’t put a price on good health.” But anyone who has received a bill from a hospital or gotten sticker shock at the pharmacy, knows that health care in America today is very costly. In fact, managing rising health expenses can be one of the biggest challenges for … read more »

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7 Banking Tips for Young Millennials

7 Banking Tips for Young Millennials Once you start receiving your first paychecks after graduation, knowing how to spend or save your money wisely can be tough. While you may be able to do your banking with just a few taps on your phone, managing money well is much more complicated. Here are a few … read more »

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How to Trim Your Monthly Expenses

It comes as no surprise that summer is a great time to get in shape. But do you realize there’s an easy way to get in great shape without having to put on workout clothes or sneakers — or even breaking a sweat? It’s called getting into financial shape. And you can accomplish that fairly … read more »

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Practical Advice for Those Heading to College

When you want something in life, it’s best to have a plan for how you will get it. Everyone wants a life of financial security—the ability to save and invest so that your money is working for you in a way that enables you to fulfill your life’s goals. To achieve financial security, you need … read more »

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How to Organize Your Finances

A new year brings a chance to start fresh with just about anything. If your midnight toast includes a resolution to improve your financial health, here’s how to make it happen. Get on a budget To get ahead, it’s important to know where you stand and to create a plan with realistic goals such as … read more »

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How to Set Your Finances Up for Life

Landing that first job means having a regular influx of cash, but steady work alone doesn’t guarantee financial health. Here’s how to build the foundation for lifetime financial security. Get on budget It truly doesn’t pay to wing it. Budgeting is the most effective way to get and keep finances on track. Just add up … read more »

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