We appreciate your recent responses to what banking features are most critical to you when choosing a bank. Your responses will help us make decisions going forward and inform us of where to invest our resources.

We’re listening. Here are the top responses you gave us and what we’re doing to address the areas that are most important to you.

“Just wanted to let you know that prior to moving all my accounts over to Main Street, I banked with Bank of America for nearly 15 years and they never once followed up on a survey to know more about my banking experience. I appreciate the opportunity!” – Lizz M.

More Competitive Interest Rates

Managing your money is a priority of ours, and we recognize that offering competitive interest rates is part of that. Here’s what we’re doing to help you:

  • Today’s economic environment has the Federal Reserve lowering interest rates consistently (in 2019 alone, interest rates have dropped by 0.75%). But we’ve made it a point not to lower our deposit rates by that amount so that our customers are not impacted by the full decrease.
  • Our loan rates offer customers a great opportunity to borrow, particularly with our competitive consumer Home Equity Line of Credit introductory special.
  • When it comes to planning for the future, the key word is “plan,” and there are solutions that can help you build your savings over time:
    • More money in your pocket with Free Kasasa Checking accounts that reward you with cash back or higher interest and ATM refunds for doing your banking each month and can automatically sweep those rewards into a Kasasa Saver account.
    • Use long-term savings strategically by opening CDs (certificates of deposit) at multiple terms so you can roll them over at different times, and take advantage of the interest rates at that moment.
    • Using alerts and automatic transfers to make savings easier. Set it and forget it!

Enhancements to Online and Mobile Banking Technology

Banking technology and services are important to you, and we hear you loud and clear! We do have several solutions that allow you to manage money without setting foot in a branch:

  • Zelle® is a fast safe and easy way to send money to friends, family, and others you trust, and its available right within the Main Street Bank consumer mobile banking app.Online and internet banking concept. Female hands using smartphone for mobile deposit of check on mobile app
  • You can deposit checks as easily as taking a picture with your smartphone! Consumer and business Mobile Deposit is available in the Main Street Bank app, so you can deposit checks from wherever you are.
  • Consumer External Transfers allow you to transfer money to and from other banks outside of Main Street Bank. For free!
  • Debit card alerts can quickly notify you of any transactions done on your debit card, via text, email, or both.
  • You can now look back up to 13 months within your consumer online banking transaction search history and 18 months with your Business Online banking transactions, instead of just 90 days.
  • And of course, you can pay bills, set alerts for balance thresholds and transfer money between accounts anytime, anywhere with online banking or mobile banking.

Faster Bill Pay, Transfers, and Access to Deposits

Life moves fast, and we get it – your money should be able to move with it. Keeping the security of your finances in mind, we are working on quicker and better solutions for you.

  • The hold on consumer external transfers has been reduced to 2 business days (it used to be 4 business days.)
  • It’s worth mentioning again that Zelle® is an alternative to cash where money moves directly from one person’s bank account to another person’s account in minutes.Young man and young woman sharing Chinese takout together sitting on couch
  • Another way to make purchases and pay bills is through Apple Pay and Samsung Pay connected to your Main Street Bank MasterCard debit card. Have you ever forgotten your wallet but still had your cell phone? With Apple Pay and Samsung Pay on your mobile device, you can still make that purchase. Simply log into Apple Pay or Samsung Pay and enter your Main Street Bank debit card information and you will always have your card with you when you carry your phone!
  • Get access to your statements electronically when you need them. All you need to do is enroll in e-statements. Sign up in 4 easy steps!
  • Direct deposit makes your payroll check available immediately and who doesn’t like that?! Ask your employer. If they are unable to offer direct deposit, send them our way and we will help your employer with setting it up. You can also come to a branch to deposit your payroll checks for same day availability (if processed by a payroll company.)
  • All other checks funds are available the next business day whether you deposited the check in branch or using mobile on your phone or tablet.
  • For a full understanding of when deposits are made available to you, take a look at our Funds Availability Policy to help be a guideline for you.

Your feedback is always so important. Thank you so much! We will continue to look for ways to provide you with the most value from your relationship with us while also striving to make banking easier.

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