What are e-Statements?

e-Statements are electronic versions of your paper statements or tax forms from Main Street Bank.

How do I access my monthly e-Statement?

When your monthly e-Statement is available you will receive an email to the email address you have listed in Online Banking.  Simply login to Online Banking, Click on the statement option and then choose the account and the date of the statement you wish to view.  You will also receive a bank mail alert informing you that a statement is ready for viewing.

Can e-Statement availability alerts be sent to more than one email address?

No. For security and privacy, e-Statement alerts can only be sent to one email address.

Is there a fee to switch to e-Statements?

No. e-Statements are FREE!

Are e-Statements safe and secure?

Yes. e-Statements reside on our secure server.

Can I choose any date to receive e-Statements?

No. Your e-Statement will be available at the same time as your current paper statement.

How many months of e-Statement history will be available?

7 years worth of e-Statements are available through online banking. This includes statements obtained prior to e-Statement enrollment

Can I store my e-Statements on my own computer?

Absolutely! This is one of the benefits of having Online Documents/e-Statements. You can download and save your statement to your computer and organize your statement archive any way you wish. No need for paper copies to be cluttering up your household.

Are e-Statements available for business accounts?


What if I need a copy of one of my checks? Can I view and copy checks with e-Statements?

Yes – like your paper statement, your e-Statement will show copies of all the checks that have cleared your account during that statement cycle.

Will e-Statements look the same as paper statements?

Yes, they look exactly the same.

If I am unable to print my e-Statement, how can I get a copy?

Contact your branch or our Operations Department at 508-481-8300 and they will arrange to get one to you.

If I want to change back to paper statements, can I?

Yes. If for any reason you wish to revert back to paper, simply login , click on statements and change your statement delivery method.  If you do this you will lose all of your e-Statement history.

Can all of my accounts be combined into one e-Statement or will I have separate e-Statements for each of my accounts?

If your accounts are currently combined on your paper statement, you will receive combined e-Statements. Uncombined accounts will have separate e-Statements. If you wish to combine accounts, please contact Operations.

How will I know when my e-Statement is ready?

Your current statement cut-off date will remain the same. For Deposit Accounts you will receive an email (the email address listed in Online Banking) approximately 4 days after the cutoff date. For Loan Accounts you will receive an email approximately 2 days after the cutoff date. You will also get a bank mail alert in Online Banking.

What if I don’t get an email?

Emails are sent to the current email address that is in your Online Banking profile.  If you need to update that, please go to the customer service tab on your Online Banking profile and update your current email address.

My significant other and I have a joint account and both have separate Online Banking sign-ons.  How will e-Statements work?

A statement can only be delivered electronically or via paper.  If party A signs up for e-Statements, the emails will go to the email address on file in Online Banking for the person that signed up for e-Statements. A paper statement will no longer be produced for either account holder.  If party B wants to be able to also view the e-Statement, they will also have to sign up for e-Statements, and then both parties will be able to view the statement online.

What do I do if I see an error on my e-Statement?

Just like you would if you have a paper statement, contact our Operations Department immediately at 508-481-4188.