You can access your Main Street Bank financial tax documents through your Online Banking! Sign up for e-Tax forms today by logging into Online Banking and authorizing electronic delivery of your Main Street Bank tax documents. To do this, simply log into Online Banking, select “Accounts” in the main menu, select “Online documents,” and then click on “change your document delivery methods” to change the way you receive tax forms from “Paper” to “Online.”

keyboard with tax key on itWhat is an online document?

Online documents are electronic versions of the statements, notices, or tax forms you receive in the mail.  Online access means that you can view your statements at any time, from any location.

What are the benefits of online documents?

  • With online documents, you:
    Save time.  Online documents are delivered faster than those send through the mail.  An email is sent to you when a new statement is available.
  • Save space.  Online documents can be saved to your computer and printed only when needed.  Gone are the files, drawers, and boxes filled with bank statements!
  • Keep your personal information secure.  Advanced login Authentication helps us protect your valuable information including online documents.

What type of accounts are eligible for online statements?

Checking, savings, certificates of deposit, loans and money market accounts can receive online statements.  Our records show that at least one of your account statements is available online.

What are e-Tax forms?

e-Tax forms are electronic versions of the tax forms you receive in the mail.  These can include combined 6807-1098, 1099 and 5498.

How do I sign up for e-Tax forms?

To sign up for e-Tax forms and e-Statements, follow these simple step by step instructions.

Need more information?

If you have any questions about accessing your tax documents, call  Deposit Operations at 508-460-4188 for deposit account tax forms, or Loan Operations at 508-683-3541 for loan account tax forms. We’re here to help  find the best financial solution for you.