I just went through a nightmare. I had been hacked. I called Judy at the Bank, I told her what was going on. We tried to get them to slip up and when that didn’t work Judy Told me to hang up on them. I did and I had Judy freeze my accounts. I went through the process of cleaning my Computer of the hack – first tried to go to Best Buy, Forget that – they wanted me to make an appointment – not done as you can guess.. I ended up cleaning my computer myself. I used to be a computer technologist before retiring , So it was easy for me. Not recommended for the average person. Then it was time to restore my accounts. Judy was off, so Brenda worked with me to get everything straight. Thank you so much to Main Street Bank (Judy and Brenda and Back Office). You did great in helping me resolve this problem. I am very appreciative of you all. Thank You

John B.