I have been with..Main Street Bank for over 65 years…This is a people’s bank all the way, very professional people working there.  Friendly, courteous and very helpful.  When you walk in there is Annette with her pretty smile and making you feel welcome.  Next to the tellers line and I always wait for Wilda, she is so willing to help you and knows you by name. Then my personal banker Linda McGuire I couldn’t never get  by without her.  She has helped me a million times with ease.  Inna is the best always welcomes you, complements you and there to help in any way she can. If I need the really big guns then I call on Deb Campbell Devries.  We go back many, many years   I know I can count on her to get things done almost instantly. She is a great asset to your bank. The Main Street Bank should be an experience that everyone should be able to feel…it’s the best. Thank you for being part of this wonderful family bank.

Debbie M.