A Smart Option for Big Purchases

Our Equity Line of Credit can save you over $3002 in interest when compared to a credit card. Why not fund your big purchases with a smart solution?

Benefits of an Equity Line of Credit at Main Street Bank:

  • Low 12 month variable introductory interest rate of 3.24% APR1 and 4.50% APR1 variable interest rate thereafter
  • Ability to “lock” portions of the equity line into a fixed rate equity loan (up to 3 outstanding loans at one time)
  • Apply once for the maximum equity you need, and only pay on the amount used during the draw period
  • Access to a Personal Banker who can help

The best part? You can apply when it’s convenient for you, online, at any time!

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1 APR= Annual percentage rate. WSJ Prime minus 1.26%, currently at 3.24%, introductory rate (variable) for the first 12 months. Followed by adjustable rate WSJ Prime + 0% thereafter, currently at 4.50%. Minimum line amount is $10,000, maximum line is $150,000. $10,000 required draw at closing. Equity Lines of Credit have a floor rate of 4.50%, maximum rate of 18%. HELOC’s are variable rates subject to increase after consummation, adjusting monthly to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Prime Rate + 0%. Maximum LTV is 80%. An early termination fee of $500 applies when a home equity line of credit closes within 3 years or property is sold within 1st year of account opening.

2 Comparison based on Equity Line of Credit introductory rate of 3.24% and national average credit card rate of 16.15%, credit card balance of $5,000, and payoff period of 12 months. Source: CreditCards.com; Updated: 12/15/2017