Main Street Bank has partnered with Banzai, an online Financial Literacy Program. As a sponsor of this program, Main Street Bank covers the program cost so that the schools have free access to this program (Yes, it’s free!). Banzai teaches principles of spending, saving, budgeting, borrowing, and a whole lot more through an online simulation game!

The Banzai program walks students through financial decisions that they will face when they enter the “real world”. Students will have to make choices, which will follow them through the game. They will track their spending and balance their accounts. The program includes paying rent, buying a car, buying groceries, saving for college, etc. These are all great concepts that will eventually become real life decisions. Our goal is to teach students how to think about money at a young age, so they are more prepared for the future.

We currently sponsor 19 schools in our market area. Visit to learn more about Banzai, and see the impact we are making in our community!