Beginning on June 26, 2018, all checks deposited through mobile deposit with the Main Street Bank mobile banking app must be endorsed with, “For mobile deposit at Main Street Bank” followed by the depositor’s signature. This will ensure that the check is deposited in one account only, and cannot be duplicated for deposit at a different institution.

What this means for you.

If you use mobile deposit, you will need to endorse any check deposited through the app this way. If the check is not endorsed this way, we reserve the right to reject the deposit. We definitely don’t want to do that, so we encourage you to begin signing the checks you deposit via mobile deposit this way.

Why have we implemented this practice?

Mobile check deposit is a convenient feature, but we also need to protect you and the bank from fraud. Endorsing checks specifically for mobile deposits helps us track the deposit and make sure the check is not deposited in multiple locations. In turn, we are better able to manage your accounts, while allowing you to use the technology you love!

If you have any questions about our mobile deposit service, please call our Operations Department directly at 508-460-4188. Our team is ready to help you!