Thank you for taking the time to answer our recent customer satisfaction survey. We really do have the best customers ever. Your answers are going to help make us a better bank for you.

Isn’t it discouraging when you answer a survey, and you never hear if your answers made a difference? We agree. That’s why we’re sharing what you told us in our customer survey, and what we are doing to improve. So here we go!

Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with Main Street Bank?

Circle graph indicating customer satisfaction percentages at Main Street BankWe are happy to report that, overall, most of our customers who took the time to take our survey are extremely satisfied or satisfied with Main Street Bank. Of the people who responded to our survey, 90% are extremely satisfied or somewhat satisfied. For the 4% who are on the fence (neither satisfied nor dissatisfied), our goal is to make you into raving fans yet! Keep reading for some of the improvements we are working on, or have already made, to make your banking experience with us easier.

We can take the good with the bad, so we recognize that nearly 4% of responders were somewhat dissatisfied (51 people), and 1% were extremely dissatisfied (18 people). For those 18 people – we hear you! We’ve actually contacted each and every person who was extremely dissatisfied to help understand what we can do better, or resolve any outstanding issues they may have had. Our employees were more than willing to contact their customers directly to listen to their problems and offer solutions. That’s really one of the things that makes Main Street Bank unique in the banking world.


How do you primarily interact with Main Street Bank?

Bar graph showing how customers primarily interact with Main Street BankThis is a great fact-finding question, and we’re interested in using the answers you shared to continue to improve your experience on the platforms you use the most. Online Banking was a clear front runner in the way our customers bank with us, and with good reason. It’s available any time, and accessible from home, work, or even your phone or tablet.

The second most popular place to do business with Main Street Bank is in our branches. This one didn’t surprise us at all; we have an amazing team of local employees that are truly dedicated to helping our customers navigate their finances, and providing solutions tailored to them. As you probably know, many of our employees live in the communities we serve, so they really know what our customers experience on a day-to-day basis.

We were a bit surprised to find out that not as many customers use Mobile Banking as their primary banking resource. We pride ourselves on providing a valuable in-person experience, and we want to extend that experience into our mobile platform. Our goal is to continually enhance the mobile experience, and we hope to see more users pick up mobile banking as a result. Some enhancements we’ve made or have that you might not be aware of:

  • Finger print ID login for iPhone
  • Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Pay bills and make transfers
  • Pay people directly with an email or cell phone number using People Pay

Thinking about your interactions with Main Street Bank, how easy or difficult was it to complete your task?

Bar graph describing how easy or difficult it is for customers to complete their banking needs at Main Street BankOverall, our customers find it extremely easy to do business with us on many platforms. Our focus is to consider the customer experience in all aspects of banking, and we make it a priority to work as a team to deliver solutions that will make our customers lives easier. One thing we have heard from a lot of our customers is that it is easy to get in touch with a Main Street Bank employee who can help. While technology is important, the one-to-one interaction that we bring to the table has helped many people who bank with us.

We know there is always room to improve, so even if we’re doing well, we are making incremental improvements that make banking with us easier for our customers, and honestly, just make sense!

  • Easy change of address request through Online Banking
  • Add new bill pay vendors directly within the Mobile Banking app
  • Order checks through Online Banking
  • Multiple ways to get in touch with us, including a live chat feature
  • Competitive savings and checking account interest rates for consumers AND businesses

Next Steps

You may be wondering, what do we plan on doing with this information? We’ve started by sharing the information we found out with every employee at Main Street Bank. Each member of our team is crucial to our customers’ experience, and are empowered to share their ideas to improve the bank. Next, we’re prioritizing what improvements will help the most customers. Our strategy is to focus on:

  • Improving the mobile and online banking experience
  • Training our employees to offer a consistent experience from department to department
  • Offering financial wellness and education workshops and classes to empower our communities with knowledge
  • Enhancing our products and services to make sure they meet our customers’ needs
  • Sending out this survey on a regular basis to continue to collect feedback

We welcome your thoughts on areas where we can improve, or if you want to share how well we’re doing! Drop us an email at [email protected] or certainly call us at 508-481-8300. We love to hear from you!