Smart (Phone) Ways to Simplify your Life

You know it can help you take and make phone calls, access email, take pictures, surf the Web, get driving directions, and even play your favorite music. But are you aware of just how smart your smart phone really is? Today’s smart phones have features and apps available that can help you simplify virtually all aspects of your life. For example, did you know your smart phone can do these tricks?2 hands holding phones showing money transfer

Take measurements. Need to measure a room in your home to see if new furniture will fit? You can download smart phone apps that let you actually take measurements. If you play golf, you can use these apps to measure your distance to the pin.

Start your engine. Going somewhere? There are smart phone apps that let you start your car remotely. You can start your engine, unlock or lock your doors, and even pop your trunk from inside your home — or virtually anywhere else you have an Internet connection.

Deposit checks. Need to deposit a check in your account? You could go to the branch and wait in line or you could use our mobile deposit app and make the deposit right from your smart phone using your phone’s camera. Watch this short instructional video to know how.

Monitor your health. Planning to exercise? You can monitor your heart rate using your smart phone. In addition, there are apps that make it easy for you to track your steps and calories, and even log your food intake.

Avoid Drunk Driving. Have you had a drink or two? Before you get in the car and drive home, you can use a Bluetooth device for your smart phone that actually works like a breathalyzer and can tell you how long it will be before you are safe to drive.

Store business cards. Networking? Your smart phone makes it easier than ever to keep and store the business cards you receive.

Accept credit card payments. Do you have a business that sells goods or services? With devices and apps for your smart phone, you can actually swipe credit or debit cards and process payments electronically — no matter where you are.

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Technology is always changing, so you can expect that smart phones will truly put an easier, more productive life where it belongs — in your hands.