The best way to protect yourself and your accounts is to set up automatic alerts. Debit card alerts can help you know when your card is used, and allows you to be proactive in the event of any fraudulent purchases. You are able to set up alerts for your debit card within online banking, and you can receive alerts through email, text, or both.

Follow the steps below to set up an alert on your debit card using both mobile and online banking.

How to Set Alerts Through Mobile Banking

Log into the MSB Mobile app.

Select the “More” menu option on the main accounts screen.

Select “Alerts.”

Select the debit card and alerts you wish to set.

How to Set Alerts Through Online Banking

Log into your Online Banking profile.

Select “Customer Service” from the main menu, and select “Manage alerts” from the drop-down menu.
Select "Customer Service" in the online banking main menu, and "Manage alerts" from the drop down menu.




Select “ATM/Debit Card Alerts” from the menu. From here, you can “Add” an alert to the desired transaction activity.





Enter the dollar amount you wish to receive alerts for. You can elect to receive alerts via email, text message, or both. Check off the method of alert notifications you’d prefer to receive. Select the “Save” button when finished.

Enter the dollar amount you wish to receive an alert for. Check off the preferred method you wish to receive alerts. Select the Save button when finished.




If you change your mind about an alert, or would like to edit the details of an existing alert that is set up, you can choose to “Change” or “Delete” the existing alert at any time.
Change details of your previously set up alert


Account alerts are useful tools to help you automate your money management, detect fraud, and give you peace of mind as you use your debit card. If you ever suspect any fraud on your accounts with Main Street Bank, please call us immediately at 508-481-8300 so we can help you!