Placing a stop payment on a check can be done when you lose a check, or the person you gave a check has lost the check you made out. This prevents someone else from fraudulently cashing that check in the future. A stop payment can be placed online by following these steps:

Log into your Online Banking profile and select Customer Service in the menu at the top of the page. Click “Stop a check” under Account Services.






Complete the stop payment request form. Select the account you wish to place a stop payment on and input a reason (if applicable). You will need to input a Payee, which is who the check is made payable to. You will need to add a check number; this will ensure the system can detect if someone attempts to cash that check. You may include a check date and amount to help further narrow down the check information. You may also place a stop payment on a range of checks; this can be used in the event you lose multiple checks. Select continue.

screenshot of online banking stop payment placement form









Please note that a standard stop payment charge applies to any stop payment placed on an account. This fee, and all other account fees, are referenced in our Retail Summary of Fees.

While checks can be useful for paying for many services, there are other alternatives to pay vendors and people without using a check. Online Bill Pay allows you to send funds electronically to major vendors, directly from your checking account. All you need is your vendor’s name, account number, and other information you can find on your bill, and you only have to set them up one time.

To pay individuals, you can send money using Zelle® through the Main Street Bank Mobile Banking app.