A Bank Built for Two - Tandem Bicycle Image
If we were a bike, we’d be the kind with two seats and extra pedals, because you can always travel farther with more people pedaling.

Change of any kind can be uncomfortable, and we are so grateful to you for sticking with us through the changes that have occurred with our merger and system conversion. We heard a lot of great feedback to help us become a better bank for you, but a few points in particular stood out – and we’re making improvements based on what you want! Here’s what’s happening now and in the near future:

  • Payroll Check Deposits: official payroll checks (labeled as payroll checks from a company) will now be deposited with no hold for our customers, meaning when you deposit a payroll check into your account, the funds will be available to you immediately. Keep in mind, these must be official company payroll checks (as opposed to a written personal check you may receive.) We’re all about keeping your life moving with this update!
  • Mobile Fingerprint Scan: COMING SOON. The fancy name for this is “biometrics,” but basically it means you can use your fingerprint to sign into our mobile app rather than entering a password. We have started this project, and will let you know as soon as we have a scheduled go-live date. Woohoo!
  • Deposit Balances on Receipts: when you make a deposit at any of our branches, and would like to know your total balance, just ask your teller! We’ll be more than happy to write down your balance for you, so you know just how much is in your account. Nothing is quite like that in-person experience, right?
  • Kasasa Accounts: we’ve heard this question a lot; what is Kasasa? It may sound a little funny, but we truly believe this product is a fantastic solution for you! To understand more about how our free, rewards-based Kasasa accounts work, take a look at this article that explains what they are all about.

We’ve learned a lot through this process, and cannot thank you enough for helping us to determine what works and what does not. One thing we heard is that our 24/7 call center did not consistently deliver on the customer experience you deserve. While this is far from what we strive to be, it is a great way for us to learn what is the best service for you, and this experience has given us some great insight into what we can do better in the future. The 24/7 call center will continue to be available up until August 31, 2017. After that, you can call our main phone number directly for any assistance you need at 508-481-8300.

And we can’t say it enough, but if you need help, or just want to talk to us, we are here for you! You can reach any of our Branch Managers, Community Lenders, Commercial Lenders, or Leadership Team directly, and not too many other banks can say the same.