Hello My Name Is Sticker - Still Your Bank“What will the new name be?” In regards to our upcoming merger with North Middlesex Savings Bank, due to be official in early April of 2017, we have heard the question about the new name and brand on several occasions. The union of our two organizations is one that is cause for excitement, and will ultimately enhance our ability to serve our customers, but we understand that with change comes some concerns. We plan to address those by explaining the process and how far we’ve come.


While our new name is certainly important, and we feel it represents who we are as an organization, what is most important is our moral. This is the guiding principle that dictates how we do business, make decisions, and take action, from our customer interactions to our internal processes. Our moral is who we are and how we behave currently, and rest assured; this is how we intend to act going forward as we combine these two banks together.

Naming Process

A name is a very subjective thing. You may love it, you may hate it, or you may feel indifferent towards it. We’ll be honest here; it’s unlikely that one name will please everyone. But we feel that ours will reflect who we are, and even more importantly, we have our employees standing behind it and acting in accordance to our moral. This is where our customers, partners, and communities will feel the impact. To put it simply, our name and logo are like articles of clothing that we can wear – they represent our style, but do not define what is inside. We have great customers, and know that they can appreciate this concept and support us.

Next Steps

Our moral, new name and logo will be announced on February 8, 2017, following an internal launch party for our employees. It’s important to us that we have fun with this and remain true to who we are. Following that date, you will receive communication from us on what to expect, and any action you may need to take well in advance. For customers of Marlborough Savings Bank, you can remain comfortable and confident that come April, not much will be changing for you aside from a new name, and access to even more awesome employees at an additional 7 branch locations. We think this is definitely something to celebrate!